Computer Repair

We'll troubleshoot everything that needs repair, upgrading or tuneup on your PC: computer crashes, freezes, installations, hard drives, RAM (memory), operating system, viruses, spyware, spam, slow/sluggish behavior, Internet and WiFi connections, software programs and more. Our computer repair technicians have years of experience. Magnum Computers can service your computer and answer your questions with a minimum of bother and expense.

Home, Office & Networking 

We can design and build a computer system or network specifically for you or we can help you maximize the system you have and protect it from viruses, spyware and spam. We can set up a home office network to connect multiple computers and have them access   printers and your modem on a wireless Internet connection. We can also sync your mobile devices with your PC.


Cloud computing based business phone systems designed for today's mobile and distributed business world. Virtual PBX technology eliminates the need for expensive and technically complex on-premise legacy phone systems. By combining a hosted, multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality it simplifies business communication for modern, flexible business environments.

Virtual PBXs offers businesses the type of world-class phone functionality that, until recently, was available only to large enterprises. Virtual PBXs capabilities include auto-receptionist, flexible extension structure, multiple voicemail boxes, smart call routing, business answering rules, extension dialing, call transfers, and elegant integration with Smartphones. With a Virtual PBX  businesses are able to connect all employees as if they were in the same office, improve communications with customers, and boost productivity. 

Remote Services

Experience the fast response of remote computer support the moment you need it. Few office problems are as frustrating as technical issues that require the presence of an IT technician. Expedite and streamline the repair process to prevent wasting precious hours that could be better spent accomplishing the day's work.

With our secure remote support, qualified technicians see what you see, allowing them to work as though they are right there in your office.

Our online ticketing system allows our technicians to respond 

Unless you share your office with the IT department, we will respond to your request faster than it takes for an in-house technician to walk to your desk.